Research requested by specific clients
  • Economic and market research based on surveys
    Analysis and assessment of Estonia's economic situation
    Comparative analysis of the economic situation in the Baltic States
    Monitoring and analysis of the world's economic situation from Estonia's perspective
    Research of the marketplace.
  • Consumer Surveys
    Consumer questionnaires (to determine attitudes, beliefs, habits)
    Focus group surveys
    Testing of goods, services, advertising (consumer evaluation)
  • Socio-economic research
    Research into factors associated with household economics
    Research into factors associated with the workplace
  • Price surveys (monitoring, analysis, forecasts)
    Foods, transport, manufactured goods and services.


EKI's clientele range from those in the public as well as private sectors - leaders and decision-makers, planners and analysers.

The following are long-term subscribers to publications of EKI:

In Estonia (public sector): Ministries of the Economy, Finance and Agriculture, Department of Statistics, Customs, Parliament, Government counsellors, and the Bank of Estonia.

Overseas (public sector): Most of EKI's overseas clients have a strong economic basis in Estonia (trade, investments) - Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Germany. Embassies and trade representatives are long-term subscribers.

Private enterprises in Estonia and Overseas:
The larger and more successful enterprises place orders for market and consumer research, particularly those involved in finance and the manufacturing industry. Small firms subscribe to EKI's publications.